The perfect weight loss planner?

I think I’ve found it!! 

First of all, can I apologise for the appalling lighting on these photos in this blog post. I know a proper blogger would have his light box out to make it look awesome, while I’m snapping mine on an iPhone under a bedroom lamp!!

So the planner, it came from Fox & Moon, a company run by a mum, from home, who I found on Instagram. It took about 4 attempts to get one because as soon as she restocked the shop, she was selling out. That’s testament to how good these planners are.

So back to the planner itself, it’s available in several different slimming group formats, I chose Slimming World (I’ve been going for about 20 years!) and with a range of covers (I chose the only remaining style in stock)

First you get your weekly weigh-in page, the planner lasts for 8 weeks so there’s a space to record each weeks weight.

Then a place for your measurements …

Then a page to make a mini weekly target plan. I like this. You can set mini goals to keep you on track.

Then a weekly menu planner page.  Here’s mine filled in.

Then, and I think this is dead clever, after each weekly menu planning page there is a shopping list. As it’s a spiral bound planner, you just fill it in as you plan your meals, tear it out and hand it to the husband. Awesome!  Here’s the front but there’s a second side to it too.

Finally you have your daily pages. Plenty of room to write your food down.

And filled in …

Oops, few too many syns!

So we will see how I get on with this. Will it keep me focused and motivated? Time will tell. I’ll let you know what I’ve lost next week!

Bye for now & thanks for reading.


Walking for fitness

With new year just a few weeks ago, I’m proud to report I have actually managed to keep with ONE of my new year resolutions. I had loads, keep up with housework, do FlyLady, drink 3 litres of water every day. But the one & only one I have succeeded in achieving EVERY SINGLE BLOOMING DAY so far in 2017 is walking 10,000 steps a day.

Pre January 1st, my stats were pretty shocking. My husband bought me a Fitbit Charge 2 for our wedding anniversary in October, so from then until new year, I’d say I walked between 4000 and 6000 steps a day. Really poor and not really enough to keep a healthy heart & all the things 10,000 steps are meant to give you. 

I’ve got 3 dogs who you may have seen in my first post, so I actually put their leads on (I know, I really should have been doing this before) and started walking!! 

It’s surprising how much extra effort you have to put in to get to that golden number, at least a 30 minute walk every day, although today I was walking for a hour and a quarter before I felt that welcome vibration on my wrist heralding triumph!

Nothing is showing on the scales yet, I do Slimming World, but I know it will kick in with weight loss results soon.

I’m also challenging myself to do the ‘Walk 1000 miles’ challenge, aiming to walk 1000 miles in 2017. If I keep the rate going that I’m walking at the moment, I should easily smash this.

Do you get your steps in? And if so, how do you get them in?

Back to work & looking gorgeous!

Obviously that’s a joke (although sadly not the back to work bit!)

The luxury of being a lowly paid member of the support staff in a school is the amazing holidays, 13 weeks annually. So Tuesday was the first day back after 2 lovely weeks off, although I always feel 3 would better at Christmas as it’s such a busy holiday, rushing around prepping for the big day, trying to fit in visits to family (none of ours are closer than 100 miles) then collapsing from exhaustion in an armchair for a few days.

Anyway, I decided New Year, new me, all that usual resolution tosh, that I needed to make an effort to improve my appearance. Obviously there’s weighloss, we will cover that another time, but also the effort I make on a daily basis. 

I’ve never been much of a makeup wearer, mascara & eyeliner at the most, but with ever aging skin, 2017 was the time, I decided, to make an effort! But where to start? My makeup bag consisted of literally a black Superdrug mascara and a black Avon eyeliner, I needed an upgrade!

I’d had my eye on Glossybox for a while, my eldest daughter used to subscribe, so I chose that, out of all the subscription boxes available.

My parcel arrived really quickly, packaged well in a pretty box that you would definitely want to keep & use for something afterwards.

So diving in, here’s what my first box contained …

So the eyeshadow by Gosh is in the shade Dark Green, I wore it today actually and it goes on nicely & has stayed the day -thumbs up!!

Next was a semi matt lipstick from MDMFlow, in the shade Bossy. Love love love the colour, not a fan of the matt, but rubbed some Vaseline over the top & jobs a goodun!

This Essence light up your face luminiser palette is really lovely. All three colours suit my skin tone, I really like this one.

Next, a Revlon nail varnish in shade Gray Suede. Now, the problem is I have acrylics done once a fortnight, my little treat to myself, so nail varnishes are a bit lost on me unless I use it for toes, and it’s not really a toe colour. Having said that I love the colour and may well ask my nail lady for something like this next time!

Browcote. Yeah, not gonna use this. I’ll be passing this on to my eldest daughter I think! I spend a lot having my brows ripped out, I’m not about the drawn on look. I see some girls walking towards me and I feel like I want to stop them and say “What is going on with your brows? You look a freak!” Now some people do have their brows done & they look amazing, but honestly, sometimes it’s just wrong!!

So there you go, that was a little delve into my Glossybox. 

Do you subscribe to a box of any sort? I’d love to know which one and what you think.

Bye for now & thanks for popping by.

Bullet Journalling – will it work?

            You’ve heard of bullet journalling right? If not, type #bulletjournal into Instagram and you’ll find thousands even millions of examples of this wonderful creation to feast your eyes upon. Or check out any of the thousands of boards on Pinterest dedicated to the subject.

            In case you didn’t know, bullet journalling is a method created by Ryder Carrol which combines a diary, with a to do list, with notes, with a journal and anything else you want to include. For the full lowdown, check out Ryder’s website here.

            I dipped my toe into bullet journalling about 18 months ago but it fell to the wayside and I fell back into disorganised chaos, but 2017 will be my year I’ve decided! Not just to be organised but to lose weight, and basically get my shit together.

            I want my bujo (it’s what us fans call it for short) to be pretty this time, I’ll never be up to the artistic standards of some, but I want to have some fun with it.

            I really want to get some fancy writing skills going this year, so I had a little play on my title page, very amateurish I know but, you know, baby steps! 

            I added so colour & it looks better!

            I’ve set a few goals, which I will track in a habit tracker.

            I honestly hope & pray that committing to my bujo will help me achieve my goals and that you will join me on my journey.

            You can follow me on Instagram @bujolife

            Thanks for listening. See you next time x 


            Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.

            My name is Debbie and I’m a paper mad mum of 4.

            I’m a scrapbooker, bullet journalist and penpal, the latter being a fairly new interest.

            I’m animal mad and we have a house full of them! 

            3 dogs, 3 cats, guinea pig, rabbit & 4 chickens. I’m pretty sure they will feature here quite often!

            I hope you will find things to interest you here and will keep popping back.

            In the meantime, checkout my Instagram @bujolife where you will find papery goodness and general musings.