Bullet Journalling – will it work?

            You’ve heard of bullet journalling right? If not, type #bulletjournal into Instagram and you’ll find thousands even millions of examples of this wonderful creation to feast your eyes upon. Or check out any of the thousands of boards on Pinterest dedicated to the subject.

            In case you didn’t know, bullet journalling is a method created by Ryder Carrol which combines a diary, with a to do list, with notes, with a journal and anything else you want to include. For the full lowdown, check out Ryder’s website here.

            I dipped my toe into bullet journalling about 18 months ago but it fell to the wayside and I fell back into disorganised chaos, but 2017 will be my year I’ve decided! Not just to be organised but to lose weight, and basically get my shit together.

            I want my bujo (it’s what us fans call it for short) to be pretty this time, I’ll never be up to the artistic standards of some, but I want to have some fun with it.

            I really want to get some fancy writing skills going this year, so I had a little play on my title page, very amateurish I know but, you know, baby steps! 

            I added so colour & it looks better!

            I’ve set a few goals, which I will track in a habit tracker.

            I honestly hope & pray that committing to my bujo will help me achieve my goals and that you will join me on my journey.

            You can follow me on Instagram @bujolife

            Thanks for listening. See you next time x 


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