Back to work & looking gorgeous!

Obviously that’s a joke (although sadly not the back to work bit!)

The luxury of being a lowly paid member of the support staff in a school is the amazing holidays, 13 weeks annually. So Tuesday was the first day back after 2 lovely weeks off, although I always feel 3 would better at Christmas as it’s such a busy holiday, rushing around prepping for the big day, trying to fit in visits to family (none of ours are closer than 100 miles) then collapsing from exhaustion in an armchair for a few days.

Anyway, I decided New Year, new me, all that usual resolution tosh, that I needed to make an effort to improve my appearance. Obviously there’s weighloss, we will cover that another time, but also the effort I make on a daily basis. 

I’ve never been much of a makeup wearer, mascara & eyeliner at the most, but with ever aging skin, 2017 was the time, I decided, to make an effort! But where to start? My makeup bag consisted of literally a black Superdrug mascara and a black Avon eyeliner, I needed an upgrade!

I’d had my eye on Glossybox for a while, my eldest daughter used to subscribe, so I chose that, out of all the subscription boxes available.

My parcel arrived really quickly, packaged well in a pretty box that you would definitely want to keep & use for something afterwards.

So diving in, here’s what my first box contained …

So the eyeshadow by Gosh is in the shade Dark Green, I wore it today actually and it goes on nicely & has stayed the day -thumbs up!!

Next was a semi matt lipstick from MDMFlow, in the shade Bossy. Love love love the colour, not a fan of the matt, but rubbed some Vaseline over the top & jobs a goodun!

This Essence light up your face luminiser palette is really lovely. All three colours suit my skin tone, I really like this one.

Next, a Revlon nail varnish in shade Gray Suede. Now, the problem is I have acrylics done once a fortnight, my little treat to myself, so nail varnishes are a bit lost on me unless I use it for toes, and it’s not really a toe colour. Having said that I love the colour and may well ask my nail lady for something like this next time!

Browcote. Yeah, not gonna use this. I’ll be passing this on to my eldest daughter I think! I spend a lot having my brows ripped out, I’m not about the drawn on look. I see some girls walking towards me and I feel like I want to stop them and say “What is going on with your brows? You look a freak!” Now some people do have their brows done & they look amazing, but honestly, sometimes it’s just wrong!!

So there you go, that was a little delve into my Glossybox. 

Do you subscribe to a box of any sort? I’d love to know which one and what you think.

Bye for now & thanks for popping by.