The perfect weight loss planner?

I think I’ve found it!! 

First of all, can I apologise for the appalling lighting on these photos in this blog post. I know a proper blogger would have his light box out to make it look awesome, while I’m snapping mine on an iPhone under a bedroom lamp!!

So the planner, it came from Fox & Moon, a company run by a mum, from home, who I found on Instagram. It took about 4 attempts to get one because as soon as she restocked the shop, she was selling out. That’s testament to how good these planners are.

So back to the planner itself, it’s available in several different slimming group formats, I chose Slimming World (I’ve been going for about 20 years!) and with a range of covers (I chose the only remaining style in stock)

First you get your weekly weigh-in page, the planner lasts for 8 weeks so there’s a space to record each weeks weight.

Then a place for your measurements …

Then a page to make a mini weekly target plan. I like this. You can set mini goals to keep you on track.

Then a weekly menu planner page.  Here’s mine filled in.

Then, and I think this is dead clever, after each weekly menu planning page there is a shopping list. As it’s a spiral bound planner, you just fill it in as you plan your meals, tear it out and hand it to the husband. Awesome!  Here’s the front but there’s a second side to it too.

Finally you have your daily pages. Plenty of room to write your food down.

And filled in …

Oops, few too many syns!

So we will see how I get on with this. Will it keep me focused and motivated? Time will tell. I’ll let you know what I’ve lost next week!

Bye for now & thanks for reading.