Nina is not Ok by Shappi Korshandi

Nina is not OK is the debut novel by Shappi Korshandi. My only experience of Shappi before this point was seeing her as a panelist on various TV comedy shows, and at a live stand up comedy show at a local art centre.  This is where she was shamelessly flogging her book in the foyer and signing copies. 

And I’m so pleased she was because this book is an absolute treasure. It tells the story of Nina, a 17 year old girl, studying for her A levels, who after a very drunken night out following the break up of her relationship with her boyfriend, finds herself being thrown out of a nightclub for committing a lewd act, and what follows, Nina is too drunk to recall, but she ends up in a cab with her knickers in her hand.

This is the start of a downward spiral for Nina and we follow her down the slippery slope. What Shappi does incredibly well, is interject what is a really sad and serious tale with some hilarious one liners, which made me laugh out loud and what were very inappropriate moments! 

I gave this book 5 stars on Good reads, it was a page turner that i struggled to put down and with coming of age children of my own, has given me much to think about.

If you read it, let me know what you think.